HINTERGRUND, Heft 01 -11 - Obamas nächste Front

Obamas nächste Front


Quellen und Anmerkungen

1) Time, 9.12.2010: Four Months Later, Pakistan Still Suffers from Flooding. Dawn, 4.12.2010:
One Million displaced need aid in Sind.

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9)  Wochenbericht der UNICEF vom 28.10.2010.

10) The Waters of the Third Pole: Sources of Threat, Sources of Survival.

11) Asia Times, 23.9.2010: Pakistan faces new debt crisis.

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14)  Asia Times, 23.9.2010: Pakistan faces new debt crisis.

15) Pakistan needs debt cancellation, not new IMF loans; 31.8.2010.

16) Daily Times, 30.7.2010: Government pays $3.136 billion in debt servicing.

17) McClatchy Newspapers, 28.5.2009: US to spend $1 billion on embassy expansions in Pakistan, Afghanistan. Diplomatic presence on the scale of Iraq prompts concerns in Pakistan about American meddling.

18) Americans to buy Peshawar Pearl Continental Hotel; 25.8.2009.

19) The Nation, 11.12.2010: US official departs amid ‘threats’.

20) Pakistan Army GHQ again approves embedding U.S. special forces personnel to support military operations; Depesche der Botschaft Islamabad, 9.10.2009.

21) The Nation, 4.2.2010: The Expanding US War in Pakistan.

22) U.S. Psy-Ops Sgt Among 3 Special Ops Soldiers Killed at Girls School in Dir, Pakistan.

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