HINTERGRUND, Heft 02-09 - Krieg, Kriegsrecht und das Finanzrettungspaket

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Eine Prognose künftiger US-amerikanischer Politik



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Michael Kesner, who heads Deloitte Consulting’s executive compensation practice. `There’s

no limit on what you can get paid.’”

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possible by secretly contacting people working for Nixon, according to Seymour Hersh’s

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was always the protégé of his patron, Nelson R[ockefeller], even when he wasn’t directly

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incoming president Barack Obama and others have suggested we should, will only turn

Operation Enduring Freedom into Operation Enduring Obligation. Afghanistan will be a

sinkhole, consuming resources neither the U.S. military nor the U.S. government can afford to

waste.” Cf. PBS, Frontline, “The War Briefing,” October 28, 2008,

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[45] Cf. Zia Sarhadi, “America’s "good war" turns into quicksand,” MediaMonitors, January 5,

2009, http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/58114 : “Obama’s announcement to send

20,000 additional troops to the `good war’ in Afghanistan has been greeted by the Taliban

with glee. They regard it as an opportunity to attack a `bigger army, bigger target and more

shiny new weapons to take from the toy soldiers.’ American generals have talked in terms of

40,000 to 100,000 additional troops, levels that are simply not available. America’s killing of

hundreds of Afghan civilians in indiscriminate aerial attacks has been the most effective

recruiting tool for the Taliban. Even those Afghans not keen on seeing the Taliban back in

power are appalled by the level of brutality inflicted on civilians.”


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